PRIMEALETE NUTRITION offers a unique opportunity for franchisees to truly make a difference in the world through food! A PRIMEALETE NUTRITION franchise is an exciting and simple franchise to own:


    • Low Investment - PRIMEALETE NUTRITION has a lower investment cost than most fast casual concepts. ($45K-$60K Total Investment)

    • Small Spaces - PRIMEALETE NUTRITION locations will be about 900-1200 sqft.


    • Attractive Hours - PRIMEALETE NUTRITION offers flexible hours for franchisees with most cafes closing at 8pm.

    • Easy Management - Most stores can be run with TWO employees.


    • Simple Menu - Our menu is streamlined and easy for anyone to reproduce whether you have food service experience or not!



PRIMEALETE NUTRITION is a one of a kind lifestyle brand that provides customers with multiple options to pursue their healthy lifestyle goals. While customers love the food... there is even more for franchise owners to love. PRIMEALETE NUTRITION is looking for the best of the best for potential franchise owners. We are available in most areas of the United States. There is a minimum financial requirement of at least $25,000 for any potential franchise owners. If you meet the basic qualifications to own a PRIMEALETE NUTRITION franchise we would love to speak with you about our incredible offering.



PRIMEALETE NUTRITION will approve your location based on a set of criteria that we believe will lead to your success.  We will meet with you to identify your area of interest prior to identifying a specific site. A real estate site form will be filled out by you or your representative for us to review.  We provide you with a standard Letter of Intent and the Landlord’s Shell Condition and Tenant Improvements.

Here’s what we look for in selecting a perfect location:

•Strong daytime demographics, including dense residential areas, central business districts, office centers, GYMS, hospitals, colleges, etc.

•National/regional co-tenants, both food and retail

•Daytime employee population greater than 15,000 within a 5-minute drive time

•Residential population greater than 25,000 within the defined trade area

• $50,000+ Median Income

•Pad, end cap, or out-parcel

•High visibility and traffic with easy ingress/egress and ample parking

•Typically 800-1,200 square feet with 25' of frontage preferred

•5-year base term with three 5-year options

•No percentage rent or radius restrictions

•1 ADA restrooms

•Prefer open retail area ceiling. Drywall finished to the roof deck, taped, sanded, and ready for paint.

•All service tap fees, impact fees, meter fees, and development fee paid by the landlord 


  • Gross revenue is calculated by assuming and average ticket of 40 dollars by 90 daily clients by a 315-day annum 
  • The result is $1,134,000 which is then multiplied as is by 16 for the 1st year, 
  • 26 and a 15% increase from 2020 in 2021 
  • 41 and a 25% increase from 2020 in 2022 
  • Cost of goods sold is the industry standard of 33 percent of revenue 
  • Payroll per store is 2 full time employees by 500 weekly by 50 weeks resulting in 175,000 per store 
  • Officer compensation is 50,000 yearly by 16 then 26 then 41 stores 
  • Payroll expenses is 3,000 yearly per store by 16 then 26 then 41 stores 
  • Legal/ Accounting is 6,000 yearly per store by the corresponding number of stores 
  • Advertising is 3,600 yearly per store by the corresponding number of stores 
  • Dues is 3,100 yearly per store by the corresponding number of stores 
  • Rent is 1,900 monthly by 12 months then by the corresponding number of stores 
  • Franchise fees aren't shown as Profits or Losses since they are from franchisees to Franchiser 
  • Rent varies depending on depending on sq. footage and location and city
Start-Up Expenses:
Estimated Initial Investment 2021 Updated
Initial Franchise Fee (Per Store)
Initial Franchise Fee (5 Stores)
Real Estate/Rent $1500 - $2500
Equipment (2-3 Fridges) $3800 - $5600
Furniture $1500
Laminate Flooring $1700
Signage $3000
Permits $450
State Food License $185
Point of Sale System $450
IPad $300
Branded Uniforms $100
Branded Promotional Materials $1000
First week Inventory (Meals) $2500
Grand Opening Advertising $1000
Estimated Total Investment (per store) $45,000 - $60,000